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DEI-related publications: 

Ten simple rules for supporting historically underrepresented students in science (Arif et al, 2021)
Here, we present 10 pedagogical strategies that can be employed by teaching scientists to elevate historically underrepresented students. This piece is directed at those who teach at universities and community colleges, museums, and other science-based organizations, as well as scientists who mentor students through research (e.g., as supervisors) and science outreach programs. Broadly, these rules can apply to postsecondary students attending universities and community colleges (e.g., through teaching courses), graduate students (e.g., through supervisory roles), as well as primary and secondary students (e.g., through science outreach).

Ten simple rules for choosing a PhD supervisor (Jabre et al, 2021)
In this short guide, we—a group of PhD students with varied backgrounds, research disciplines, and academic journeys—share our collective experiences with choosing our own PhD supervisors. We provide tips and advice to help prospective students in various disciplines, including computational biology, in their quest to find a suitable PhD supervisor. Despite procedural differences across countries, institutions, and programs, the following rules and discussions should remain helpful for guiding one’s approach to selecting their future PhD supervisor.

A practical guide for successful research expeditions at sea (Jabre et al, 2022)
In this article, we provide guidance to new seafaring scientists, irrespective of their background and discipline, on how to prepare for their debut at sea. We describe strategies for planning and completing oceanographic expeditions and outline general approaches that can be tailored to the unique needs of individual ocean researchers. 

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